Cary’s fail Proof Mother’s Day Plan

Since the dawn of time Man has failed to clue in on the best gift for mothers on their one special day of the year.  We buy flowers, chocolate and other trinkets in our vain attempts to say thanks to our best friend and as much as [sws_picture_frame97 src=”” title=”” alt=”” align=”sws_frame_left” lightbox=”1″ album=”album” video=””] [/sws_picture_frame97] we try it usually falls short.  This year do something different.  Below is a definite plan for success.  Follow this not and you are doomed to fail.

1.  Get up early on Mothers day.

2.  Make your mother or spouse a nice breakfast.  Something she wants and not the lumberjack special at your local truck stop.

3.  Pack the car and send your spouse off to golf at Redstone for the day. Hand her an envelope with her spa treatment details for after golf.

4.  Clean the house and feed the kids.

5.  Plan a wonderful dinner and get to work on that asap so that the aroma is wafting thru the house when she arrives.  Make sure there is a nice glass of wine waiting for her as she arrives

6.  After diner clean up all the dishes and put on some soothing background music on.

7.  Now just talk.

Bet you’re tired.  Now quit whining this is her routine for the other 364 days of the year.


Redstone will be serving up an All You Can Eat Mother’s Day Brunch at the Clubhouse.

Scrambled eggs | Hash Browns | Quiche | Toast | Bacon | Sausage | Pancakes | Fruit Platters | Danish and Muffins | Coffee Included.

Cost is $13.95
Kids under 12 $5.00
4 seating’s between 10am and 2pm

Book now 250 362-9140