They Joined

We used to see Wendy Phillips and Jodi Troman a couple times a month but they took advantage of the amazing deal of the $699 Twilight pass and we now happily see them 4-5 times a week. They paid off their pass by usage in the first two weeks. They also have started to participate in Ladies Night and have taken home some prizes to boot.

This week Redstone is the sponsor of Ladies Night. Ladies night we are having a 5:00 shot gun with a fashion show to follow. We have members and staff that are going to walk the catwalk with our new pro shop clothing. It will be a great night!! Call the Pro shop and get yourself registered.

Our Redstone men travelled to Chewelah this past week to have great time golfing with our friends from the south.Thank you Chewelah for hosting us!! Remember they are coming here on June 10th so make sure you call the Pro shop and put yourself on the list to play in our Home and Home night.

Bonnie’s Muffins

Ahhh, look at that! Here’s our Bonnie pulling out her fresh baked cranberry orange muffins, proud as punch with the results. Oh the amazing smell of fresh baked muffins just coming out of the oven. First thing you do is smother it with butter while it’s still hot! Reminds me of home. Bonnie Langman, bakes them fresh every morning and, I can tell you this, they are delightful. She doesn’t just bake muffins. The Redstone crew has baked fresh baked apple strudel, cookies, brownies and lots of other goodies. It’s a great thing to grab with a coffee just before you head out on to the links. The clubhouse is open every morning at 8am for breakfast. We are getting some amazing reviews. They have all the classic’s but if you want to spice it up a little, Bonnie loves the Mexican flare. She does some an amazing Breakfast burrito with chorizo sausage, cheese, salsa, peppers and more! Doesn’t that sound good!?

If you are coming for an early tee time, get them to whip you up a breakfast wrap or a bacon and egger. And for goodness sake don’t forget a fresh baked muffin and coffee. Every weekend we have some amazing specials for breakfast and dinner! And hey, Bonnie would love to hear from you. Have you had one of her fresh baked muffins? Let her know what you think!

Group Golf and Great Friends

Kelly St. Jean brought 7 of his friends from Calgary to celebrate a few birthdays and play some great golf. We enjoyed hosting them very much! What a great group of guys.Kelly booked early and was able to take advantage of our great rates.
There is only 6 days left to book our $129!? Are you out of your mind? Special. This package is $129 per person plus tax based on double occupancy and must be booked before May 31st, but can be used anytime during the 2015 season. This package gets you 1 night stay at the Prestige Mountain Resort Rossland and 18 holes of golf. To book this before time runs out you can call me (Darby) at our toll free number 1-877-362-4555 or email

Green Grass by Sam

This is Sam Oates, Superintendent of Golf here at Redstone. He started with us in 2009 in an entry level position but soon exceeded our expectations. His background is a Certificate 3 in Turf horticulture and a Diploma in Turf Management from Kurri, Kurri Australia. His previous employer was Cypress Lakes Golf and Country Club, Australia. What I have learned from Sam is turf is not grass it is a complicated natural system that requires fuel (fertilizer) to feed the plant that is supported by micro organisms. Gone are the days of dumping fertilizer and water and watching it grow.

Starting next week every Monday Sam will explain what he is doing on the course. You’ll want to tune in because these tips will help you keep your home lawn beautiful with a few adjustments.



Faces of Redstone

Maureen Holm has been a member here from the start. She just got her first hole in one. Congrats Maureen. Along with Maureen, Lenore Therault, Joe Zanuzzi and Mario Lioce.and drained aces this week.

Taking your game from the range to the course.

Do you hit it like a rock-star on the range but struggle to find that consistency on the course? You strike pure shot after shot during your warm-up only to send it wide right on your first few holes. Let me help! There are a few tricks to help translate your game onto the course and they all relate to your practice swings. First off let’s practice what we are going to preach. In other words if you know you’re going to make an aggressive move when you actually strike the ball make sure you practice this aggressive move in your practice swings. Instead of trying to fight your natural instinct, timing and rhythm go with it! You’ll get a realistic impression on how your balance and turf interaction will be affected by your more aggressive swing allowing you to literally set-up for success. As a second point of focus pay attention to where you initially strike the ground with your practice swings. The reality is we seldom face a flat lie on the course like you have on the range and as such the optimal ball position for a quality strike can change dramatically based on the lie. Take a few of your ‘aggressive’ practice swings and identify where your club first strikes the ground. At or immediately before the point where the leading edge of the club first strikes the ground is the ideal location for ball placement to maximize the quality of your strike. If you practice what you’re actually about to attempt and pay attention to what your practice swings are telling you will lead to higher quality and more consistent impact. Think of it this way. What aren’t you allowed to do in a hazard? Ground your club! You can make practice swings that touch the ground identifying your ideal ball placement to ensure a quality strike on the ball. So simply if you’re not in a hazard it makes sense to discover this information as easily as taking a few practice swings actually simulating what you’re about to attempt. Give this a try and take your game from the range to the course.


Maureen Holmes May 19 Hole 7
Mario Lioce May 20 Hole 12
Joe Zanussi May 20 Hole 17

Where is the Purple Cow at Redstone?

Imagine driving down a road and seeing a herd of cattle and one is purple. Do you think you would ever forget it? Not likely. I had read a book a few years ago by Seth Godin called “Purple Cow”. It’s a marketing book with the basic premise that in this day and age you need to have a REMARKABLE product or service. For years I have been grinding away trying to see a Purple cow at Redstone. I talk about our exceptional greens, incredible views, elevated tee boxes, variety of holes and super staff. On the real estate side I have written about great value, stunning views, fantastic weather and miles of walking trails. I was looking for one thing that really set us apart. One simple thing that makes us so good you and your friends just need to visit us or move to Redstone.

Then it hit me yesterday as I was standing on number 16 fairway. Redstone makes people feel good and they smile. Doesn’t that sound simple? People smile when they go for a walk down a trail weaving its way through the forest. The canopy birds singing and the fresh blossoms filling the air with natures perfume. They laugh and smile when they zoom by me on mountain bikes. They wave and smile as they walk the dog in the evening. When I see them on the course they sneak a wry grin as they improve their lie on the golf course.

I realize that like a single tree in a forest Redstone is not one remarkable thing it is a complicated forest of many amenities that all need to be experienced. If you want to see our remarkable purple cow then come to Redstone and by all means bring a smile because sooner than you expect, someone here will be smiling at you.


PS I am smiling while I write this and I bet you are too.

Greens after 1 week

These are after 1 week of growth. In one more week they will be perfect. Now thats how much we care about greens. Come golf Redstone this spring and see the Redstone difference

How much do we care about our greens?

I can tell you flat out that greens are the most important part of a golf course to our owners and our staff. I can live with bumpy cart paths (and we have those) and I can live with an unpaved parking lot but not poor greens. That’s why we have an extra green or a nursery green for situations where things don’t go our way. This winter was warm with plenty of freeze thaw cycles. We ended up with six greens having 5% to 15% ice damage. Sure we could punch them and over seed but that could take until Mid July to grow in. Our plan is to have the best greens every year so we re-sod. I have attached the before picture. Its scary and had some members really worried about the quality of greens. That was one week ago. Check out our greens now:

You should have trusted me

Judy Jarrett is the genius behind our restaurants popularity. We are packing them in lately. And for good reason. Judy and her team have created a great menu but those specials are amazing. On Tuesday the special was a pineapple peanut chicken stew. Now I was hesitant to try it. Never been a fan of stew. So I chose a safe meal and had the Monte Christo. One of my all time favorite sandwiches which is rarely on a menu these days. It exceeded my expectations. However, I kept smelling something that really interested me. Sure enough, several of the other patrons had chosen the stew. It didn`t look anything like what I had envisioned. It looked so ymmy and was served on a bed of brown rice. I asked my friend how it tasted. She said it was just delicious and gave me a bite. Well, was I ever sorry I that I hadn`t ordered it. It was a little spicy, a little sweet and just incredibly tasty. I popped my head into the kitchen and gave Judy a big thumbs up and told her I wished I had ordered it. All she said to me was “You should have trusted me“ I certainly won`t make that mistake again. In fact, I liked it so much that I ordered it to go! Took it home and had if for dinner the next night.

Have you been to our Breakfast Brunch? Judy puts out some amazing specials for breakfast on Sundays. From Eggs Benedict to her famous French Toast. We serve breakfast everyday but the weekend breakfast specials are fantastic and at a real reasonable price. Come on down to Redstone this weekend and check it out. And while your there, make sure to say Hi to Judy and let her know “you trust her”!