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Real Estate at Redstone

Have you had a chance to drive through the Redstone subdivision lately? There are four new homes going up this spring with more on the way. I wanted to blog some information because I had a guest in and they were unsure of what we have available. We are currently working on the website with […]

What makes you scratch your head?

It all started with the internet, then email, facebook, texting, youtube, on demand video and video games.  I have been encouraging people to get our children playing organized sport instead of playing with their PDA’s.  Heck it doesn’t need to be organized just play.  Obviously owning a Golf course I would love to see them […]

Canadian Dollar

We call it the loonie and in the US they call it the greenback.  The Canadian dollar has dropped or the US dollar has risen?  Well the US economy is strengthening at a pace that is greater than the Canadian economy so it stands to reason the US economy is the main reason its increase […]

Old Hockey players

I am an old Hockey Player.  As such, I have a pile of stories from College where I played for the University of Alaska Anchorage, Seawolves and various Junior Teams across BC.  What I can tell you without getting into trouble with my kids and spouse is hockey is full of colorful characters with generous […]

Do you Remember PONG?

Ipad’s, Ipods, Androids and snapchat.  When I was a kid we had a game called Pong.  Do you remember Pong?   It was a white dot (Ball) and a straight line (bat).  You played against another player or the program.  My point is it was fairly boring and most of us played a bit and […]