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Think skiing for better golf

So being in Rossland there’s a bit of a ski culture to the community. With that being the case I want to share a way to use some of your skiing skills to improve your golf game. We’re going to focus on how we balance, more specifically where we distribute our weight on the soles […]

Are you hitting it your potential maximum distance?

As golfers you’ve probably noticed all the technology being marketed in golf. Whether space age materials in club-heads, CNC milling for wedges, nano-technology in shafts or ballistic launch monitors to analyze our club and ball performance there’s no missing the science in golf. With that said most of us have no idea what all these […]

Happy Hands!

Happy Wednesday everyone! As you might guess by the title the topic of this weeks blogs is all about grips. We now sell and install grips at Redstone. We have a great selection of sizes and styles from Lamkin, Winn and Golf Pride. Our Winn grips, made out of Elastomer, help reduce vibration at impact […]

Taking your game from the range to the course.

Do you hit it like a rock-star on the range but struggle to find that consistency on the course? You strike pure shot after shot during your warm-up only to send it wide right on your first few holes. Let me help! There are a few tricks to help translate your game onto the course […]

No need to strangle your clubs.

Are you one of those golfers that wears a thumb print into your grips. Do you hold on so tight that your getting white knuckles. Does it feel like the only way you can keep the club from flying out of your hands is by adding grip pressure. Are your grips more than two years […]

It’s not you it’s your putter

Do you fight with your putter? Constantly pushing putts right, or maybe pulling them left. Possibly leave too many short of the hole or occasionally blast them 4 feet past. Let’s be honest there’s a possibility that it’s ‘pilot error’ and a technical improvement could make all the difference and as such a lesson could […]