Great times in Rossland despite the lack of snow

I have created a video about my last time in Rossland and desire to go back. Please enjoy (this is literally my first attempt at making a movie, forgive the bad acting, directing, writing, editing etc…):

Rossland contest from Kevin Thompson on Vimeo.

A sort summary; while looking for a destination for our annual snowboard trip, I was looking up Red Mountain after hearing nothing but great things. I then found out that there was a Winter Carnival that featured homemade bobsled racing. I told my friends and we were decided – there would be no more looking. We found a condo on the mountain and booked it. A couple months later, the trip was here. Sadly, Rossland and the area had not received much snow.

Despite the lack of snow, the friendly, relaxed vibe of Rosalind welcomed us. The locals shared stories of epic powder from seasons past and assured us the snow would be coming. We checked out the resort, saw some epic terrain, wishing the snow would appear so we could enjoy it. We were told about some good tours in the area and spent our trip in the Red slack country and the Kootenay Pass backcountry.

We planned the day of the bobsled race to be a rest day, so we went and checked out Rafters the night before. It was a great time, great atmosphere, and filled with fantastic people. Sadly, we had so much fun that we shut the bar down. Ok, that wasn’t the sad part. The sad part was the next morning our alarms go off and not a single one of us could move. We were too hungover to go. We missed the bobsled race.

For me, winning this prize would give me a great excuse to go back and take it a little easier the night before the bobsled race and finally witness it! Not to mention, after the last time consisting of dodging dirt patches on the mountain, some epic riding conditions from the area are in order and the snowfall the area has been getting looks amazing!

Rossland to me was a sleepy little town, but full of adventure. The locals were never down about the snow conditions, finding the silver lining. Heading out touring, extending their biking season, and still embracing their small town. Rosalind was awesome even without epic winter conditions, and I can’t wait to get back.

Thanks Redstone!