Mothers Day

My mother is no longer with us. She was one of my best friends, teachers, coaches and supporters. As we approach mothers day I can not help but think about her. Days before she passed away we were on the phone talking and she asked if I had bought a lottery ticket. I said no and explained to her that the chances of winning the lottery were 15,753,321 to 1. Without a hesitation she said, “sure, but you never know.” She was an optimist and always poked fun at me about the lottery. Well now I buy a lottery ticket once a week and not because I will ever win but because it is a simple act and well… I suppose I am buying it for her.

Do something for your mom this mothers day. You can even do something like buying a lottery ticket. “You never know”

PS Redstone has a Mothers day Brunch. Call 250 362-9140 for reservations.