National Caesar Day at Redstone

It’s National Caesar Day and we’re celebrating at Redstone Resort! I’m not positive about who created them or why,  but I do know it is a very popular
Canadian drink. I couldn’t let the day go by without showing you our Ultimate Redstone Caesar. Doesn’t it look good? I can’t give away all our secrets on how we make it but I can let you know that we use a very special rimmer and of course we have the usual clamato, worcestershire sauce, tabasco and spirits… but we add a little something extra to make it especially good. We create the best skewers ever with pepperoni, gherkin pickles, pickled onions, and pepperoncini’s. It’s almost a meal.

In honor of National Caesar Day we will be running a special on them for this weekend only. Just like MacDonalds they are only here for a limited time so come on down to the Clubhouse and give one a try. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.