No need to strangle your clubs.

Are you one of those golfers that wears a thumb print into your grips. Do you hold on so tight that your getting white knuckles. Does it feel like the only way you can keep the club from flying out of your hands is by adding grip pressure. Are your grips more than two years old or been used for more than 50 rounds. If so it might be time to consider getting new grips and finding out what size actually fits your hands. Consider this, the only part of your anatomy that has any contact with your equipment is your hands. If there are issues with the size, texture or tack of your grips it will inevitably have negative affects on your game.

Lets start by matching glove sizes to grips sizes. A ladies standard grip matches with a ladies small glove, a men’s standard grip matches with a men’s small or ladies large glove. That said if your a guy and you wear a glove size larger than men’s small the grips that came standard on your clubs are too small. Using a grip that’s too small leads to increased grip pressure, slower club-head speed and less control, shorter and wilder! Having grips that fit your hands allows for the proper grip pressure encouraging a proper release and maximizing speed. Additionally, many of todays grips are manufactured from modern materials that greatly reduce the shock and vibration associated with impact.  This makes them a great choice for golfers with arthritis or joint issues. To help ensure our members and guests can get the most out of their games we’ve brought in an extensive variety of grips in every size, texture and feel available. We also have a great choice in putter grips including the Super Stroke and Winn models. Come check out our selection or grips and see how we can help you get the most out of your clubs in 2015.

It’s not you it’s your putter

Do you fight with your putter? Constantly pushing putts right, or maybe pulling them left. Possibly leave too many short of the hole or occasionally blast them 4 feet past. Let’s be honest there’s a possibility that it’s ‘pilot error’ and a technical improvement could make all the difference and as such a lesson could make all the difference. But there’s also the strong possibility that your putter doesn’t match your stroke and changing to a properly fit putter could make all the difference. Most golfers know that putters come in blade and mallet designs in too many models and styles to number. What most of you don’t know is that all these different designs aren’t just to satisfy individual visual preference. In fact one of the most popular putters available today (and most expensive) fits less than 15% of the people who buy it. Might look good in the bag but it actually will make them worse! Each putter has performance characteristics that work best when used with a particular path, plane and speed of stroke. We have the tools here at Redstone to help you find your perfect putter and stroke. Combining CPGA instruction with state of the art Digital Putters Analyzers we can groove your stroke and match it to the perfect putter design for you. Inquire at our Proshop for information on booking a fitting session or lesson to help you get the most out of your flat stick in 2015.

Upcoming Lesson Programs:

Ladies Power Clinics start next Monday May 11 at 5:15PM. This three week program focuses 30 minutes each week on getting the most out of your tee shots.

Ladies Game Improvement Clinics also start the evening of May 11th at 6PM. These 1 hour lessons over three weeks will cover all aspects of the game for the shortest putts to the longest drives. A fantastic way to start off the season in a fun and social environment while building up your game for your best season ever.
Junior After School Clinics continue to run every Thursday afternoon at 4PM. Each session is $10 and no registration is required, drop-ins welcome. Designed for ages 10+ this is great way for youth to get involved in golf, a sport they can play their entire lives while getting some quality CPGA instruction.