PRO V1 Coyote

August is coming to end and I just had to tell you the most incredible story. In late June I had a guest from Vernon BC come into the PRO Shop and ask me what was the ruling if a Coyote stole his golf ball. Redstone has enough trees, water, ravines, gullies and hazards and I wondered what this guy was talking about. Was he so desperate to lower his score he must have been making things up. Soon enough it was revealed to me in full colour. I was on the back nine playing hole 10 with a couple buddies. Russ hits a shot just off the short grass and out pops this Coyote. I said, “hey guys that must be the same Coyote that the Vernon guy was talking about.” Before I ended my sentence the little rascal was running toward Russ’s ball. Before we could move it was gone with Russ’s ball. There we were four guys standing there laughing with bewildered looks on our faces. We have had no less than 8 confirmed and witnessed golf ball stealing incidents. Member Dan Tweed and Rob Wasylkiw have named this fella PRO V1 since he seems to have a fondness for quality golf balls. I have heard of Ravens and even Gophers stealing balls but this is just hilarious.

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Caution: This is a wild animal so if you come in contact with him do not attempt to feed and pet him. We prefer to keep old Pro V1 wild and alive.

Contest time: Tell us your best wildlife ball stealing moment in the comments section below.  The story with the most likes (thumbs up) will win a box of PROV 1 balls.  Good Luck!