Real Estate at Redstone

Have you had a chance to drive through the Redstone subdivision lately? There are four new homes going up this spring with more on the way. I wanted to blog some information because I had a guest in and they were unsure of what we have available. We are currently working on the website with updates but here is the short version. We have three lots in the upper subdivision lots 8,9 and 10. We have three lots 500 metres from the Redstone driveway and we have just received approval for 5 lots near the entrance driveway. There is one 3 bedroom home being constructed and is near completion with availability at the end of May.

If you have not seen the growth in the subdivision we are now up to 47 homes built!

We are creating a specific list of people interested in Real estate at Redstone. As information becomes available we will email it our. Please email if you want to be on the list.

See you at Redstone