Taking your game from the range to the course.

Do you hit it like a rock-star on the range but struggle to find that consistency on the course? You strike pure shot after shot during your warm-up only to send it wide right on your first few holes. Let me help! There are a few tricks to help translate your game onto the course and they all relate to your practice swings. First off let’s practice what we are going to preach. In other words if you know you’re going to make an aggressive move when you actually strike the ball make sure you practice this aggressive move in your practice swings. Instead of trying to fight your natural instinct, timing and rhythm go with it! You’ll get a realistic impression on how your balance and turf interaction will be affected by your more aggressive swing allowing you to literally set-up for success. As a second point of focus pay attention to where you initially strike the ground with your practice swings. The reality is we seldom face a flat lie on the course like you have on the range and as such the optimal ball position for a quality strike can change dramatically based on the lie. Take a few of your ‘aggressive’ practice swings and identify where your club first strikes the ground. At or immediately before the point where the leading edge of the club first strikes the ground is the ideal location for ball placement to maximize the quality of your strike. If you practice what you’re actually about to attempt and pay attention to what your practice swings are telling you will lead to higher quality and more consistent impact. Think of it this way. What aren’t you allowed to do in a hazard? Ground your club! You can make practice swings that touch the ground identifying your ideal ball placement to ensure a quality strike on the ball. So simply if you’re not in a hazard it makes sense to discover this information as easily as taking a few practice swings actually simulating what you’re about to attempt. Give this a try and take your game from the range to the course.


Maureen Holmes May 19 Hole 7
Mario Lioce May 20 Hole 12
Joe Zanussi May 20 Hole 17