Where is the Purple Cow at Redstone?

Imagine driving down a road and seeing a herd of cattle and one is purple. Do you think you would ever forget it? Not likely. I had read a book a few years ago by Seth Godin called “Purple Cow”. It’s a marketing book with the basic premise that in this day and age you need to have a REMARKABLE product or service. For years I have been grinding away trying to see a Purple cow at Redstone. I talk about our exceptional greens, incredible views, elevated tee boxes, variety of holes and super staff. On the real estate side I have written about great value, stunning views, fantastic weather and miles of walking trails. I was looking for one thing that really set us apart. One simple thing that makes us so good you and your friends just need to visit us or move to Redstone.

Then it hit me yesterday as I was standing on number 16 fairway. Redstone makes people feel good and they smile. Doesn’t that sound simple? People smile when they go for a walk down a trail weaving its way through the forest. The canopy birds singing and the fresh blossoms filling the air with natures perfume. They laugh and smile when they zoom by me on mountain bikes. They wave and smile as they walk the dog in the evening. When I see them on the course they sneak a wry grin as they improve their lie on the golf course.

I realize that like a single tree in a forest Redstone is not one remarkable thing it is a complicated forest of many amenities that all need to be experienced. If you want to see our remarkable purple cow then come to Redstone and by all means bring a smile because sooner than you expect, someone here will be smiling at you.


PS I am smiling while I write this and I bet you are too.