Anyone pick what is wrong with this picture?

The ONE-TIME a golf cart is ever allowed to run it treads over our greens is just after topdressing them. To minimize thatch & maintain the smooth, fast and true rolling greens here at Redstone we practice a bi-weekly topdressing program. First we top-dress at a “secret” rate then follow that up by rubbing the sand in with what is known as a drag mat. A 1” x 1” steel grid mesh mat that pulls and pushes sand into the uneven areas on the green (which are few). Now I could tell you the rate at which we apply the sand at, but that would be like a chef sharing his “secret” recipe.
Try topdressing your lawn at home for the same results as we have here at Redstone. For a great home lawn try using compost as the topdressing material ¼” thick for some added benefits such as improving soil structure, water retention, increased micro-organism activity and slow release organic nutrients