Canadian Dollar

We call it the loonie and in the US they call it the greenback.  The Canadian dollar has dropped or the US dollar has risen?  Well the US economy is strengthening at a pace that is greater than the Canadian economy so it stands to reason the US economy is the main reason its increase when compare to other world currencies.  What does that have to do with golf?   Value in Canada should be higher for any number of goods or services like golf.  At .79 cents Canadian to $1 US the rate of exchange is $1 US gets you $1.27 Canadian.    Canadians will want to rediscover Canadian courses because value in Canada has risen so much compared to their counter parts in the US.  On the other hand US golfers may want to look to the great white north this year to take advantage of great golf at great value.  If you want to discover Redstone call 250 362-9141 and book your tee time now.


PS.  If your coming from the US our spring rate is $45.75 CDN or $36 US.