The Redstone family adoption

About 10 yrs. ago, my family and I met a real character…. Scott Dougan, a sheet metal worker from Van. Island who was working on the Red Mt. Condo construction project and other projects in the area. “Doogie”, as we affectionately called him, was here for the whole summer and, being an avid golfer, played as much as he could at Redstone. Doogie was a super-extrovert with a great sense of humor so he had no problem making friends. He was a regular at Men’s nite and fell right in step with the usual trash-talking and antics that are a Men’s nite must! My family fell in love with this character Doogie .. He was always having fun and laughing, mostly at himself, and always up for a “cold one”. During one game, Doogie sadly informed me that his stint in our area was up and he was moving on to another project in Alberta. He was going to play his last Men’s nite that week and be hitting the road the next day.
Doogie and I played his last Men’s nite with heavy hearts … He didn’t want to leave, he called the Redstone gang, his family. As per usual, after the round, we went into the clubhouse to have dinner and to partake in the usual good- natured Men’s nite rowdiness. After a few drinks and dinner, Doogie pretended to be in good spirits but underneath, he was very sad … He tried to put on a good front but those of us that knew him, could tell that he wasn’t himself. Before leaving after the gathering, I sneaked down to the pro shop and picked out a nice red Redstone hat to give to Doogie as a going away present…. Kindly donated by Cary. I slyly circulated around the clubhouse with the hat and Sharpie in hand, gathering signatures and well wishes on the hat for Doogie from his Redstone “bro’s”. After the prize presentation Cary gave a short, sad, and endearing farewell and the hat to Doogie from his Redstone family. Poor Doogie… He didn’t even see it coming… He looked at me and the look on his face was priceless disbelief! Doggie being in shock, I’m sure, got up and made a very touching and heart wrenching farewell followed by a roomful of clapping and cheering. Doogie abruptly got up and left the clubhouse …. For some personal time. A few minutes later, I went to the parking lot to bid Doogie farewell from my family and myself….. After all, he had become one of the family. As I walked up to Doogie’s truck, I found him sitting in the driver’s seat, staring at his new hat, and crying like a baby. He would probably be embarrassed now that I shared this story but awfully proud as well …. Doogie calls about once a month and always reminisces about the good times with his Redstone Family …. He always talks about coming back someday; I ‘m sure that I and the rest of the gang will greet him with open arms and We’ll pick up where we left off with our buddy Doogie ……
Just one of many Redstone Family stories…. Just sayin….