My home town.

My story is quite simple. I was born in Rossland and grew up there until our parents had the audacity to move to Vancouver; wrenching us along with them. Two months after graduating from school I was back in town working at cominco. I worked the shifts in order to get more skiing done.
During this time I was offered the opportunity to help rebuild the Klister Klub cabins and jumped at the chance, and am now the treasurer for the club.
I moved out of Rossland to Genelle to split the difference of driving, as my wife works in Castlegar. We had two daughters who went through the Nancy Greene program at Red and both are ski instructors, still in their teens, one is a level two.
I retired three years ago and try to ski every day as long as my achy old body lets me. It doesn’t get much simpler that that. I am simply one of the fortunate locals who have been able to live their life around skiing.

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