My story is about how my wife and I met and how Rossland brought us together.
My tennis career was coming to an end and I moved from the Bahamas to Lakelouise.
I then moved to Invermere (loved skiing/golf ,camping and biking.)
My friend and now biz partner was living there but moving to Trail.
He then moved and I would go visit him some weekends and enjoy the amazing surroundings .

So loving the area on visits and knowing that my future might be in Rossland I then happened to go on my first adult vacation with my parents in Mexico.
We ended up in PV Mexico and this where the story gets interesting .
I met this beautiful girl one day in the pool.
We got to talking , she was in her last year nursing(school) living in Vancouver .
We started warming up to each other and telling each other what we like to do and our passions.(we met on Valentine’s Day)
So I went on about how I like to ski and golf and enjoy the outdoors. She then told me she worked at CMH for quite some time and had hundreds of days heliskiing….
Wowwww I thought . Geeez this is someone I would really like to get to know.
So at one point we were talking and she brought up Red Mtn . I instantly cut her off and started bragging or confidently talking about how well I ski and how well I know the Mtn.
She had a funny look on her face and then we got to where we grew up. It turns out she grew up in Trail and knows this area wayyyy better than I did.
So we then got to what our plans were for next year.
She said well as soon as I am done school I will be doing my practicum in Trail and hopefully moving to Rossland.
Whatttt the whatttt.
I am moving to Rossland . I literally thought someone was messing with me. I looked around with amazement .
9 months later we bought our home in Rossland together.
We married 2 years later now have a baby boy (Neeko) and a litte girl (NEEYA).
We know enjoy all of the amazing things that Rossland has to offer .
I couldn’t be more proud to have my family and business in this awesome town.
It was Destiny

The “She “is Marni Raito my best friend and wife.