What makes you scratch your head?

It all started with the internet, then email, facebook, texting, youtube, on demand video and video games.  I have been encouraging people to get our children playing organized sport instead of playing with their PDA’s.  Heck it doesn’t need to be organized just play.  Obviously owning a Golf course I would love to see them golfing. But I really don’t mind if they never play golf as long as they play something.  Canadian Tire has a great program.  See below.

“Participating in sport helps kids develop physical and social skills. It helps build self-esteem. By helping kids get into the game, we’re equipping them with determination. And we’re giving them confidence that will extend beyond practices and games.

No kid should be left on the sidelines but in Canada 1 in 3 families cannot afford to enroll their kids in organized sports. That’s almost 750,000 kids every year who want to play, but just can’t.

Jumpstart aims to change that. Across Canada, Jumpstart has 330 Chapters, which are made up of volunteers from across the Canadian Tire enterprise and local community groups, such as local Parks and Recreation Departments, Boys and Girls Clubs and the YMCA/YWCA, among others.

Money raised within each Chapter stays within the community and goes directly to help kids participate in sport, dance or other organized physical activities. Jumpstart funding helps families that need a financial hand with registration, equipment and/or transportation costs.”

Lets get kids playing again! 

 On Saturday May 16th we have a charity Tournament called Jumpstart.  $10 dollars from every entry goes to Jumpstart.  Register by following this link.  

Do you Remember PONG?

Ipad’s, Ipods, Androids and snapchat.  When I was a kid we had a game called Pong.  Do you remember Pong?   It was a white dot (Ball) and a straight line (bat).  You played against another player or the program.  My point is it was fairly boring and most of us played a bit and then went outside and played.

Now between video games, PDA’s and Netflix kids and adults have so many choices we are choosing to play inside in front of a device at an alarming rate.  

The health and development of our kids is really at stake here and that is why Redstone supports Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart program.  Jumpstart is a program to get kids at risk into organized sport.  Jumpstart provides kids at risk financial support to join a sport of there choosing.  Jumpstart is a great incentive for us all to get up from or devices and play.  On May 16 play in Redstone’s Jumpstart Tournament.  Call 250 362-9141 or register at