Canada Day is a Lifestyle Day

Canada Day Hike in Rossland

Lifestyle is so important to us here at Redstone we just feel compelled to tell you about it in our town. In honour of Canada Day Rosslanders hike Mount Roberts and place a Canadian Flag at the top. In the 90’s I lived in Alaska and on July 4th Seward Alaska had the Mount Marathon. Both a Celebration of a great day and Lifestyle. I encourage our friends in Fruitvale, Trail, Montrose, Genelle and Castlegar to come out and hike Mount Roberts. This is our Kootenays and the best way to see it is from the top. To top it off we are having another lifestyle contest with the centre piece being Valhalla PowderCats and Redstone Golf. ONE DAY FOR TWO PEOPLE this winter Cat Skiing and 4 rounds of golf at Redstone for your group to use this summer.

This contest has a twist. You must sign up to be on our list and you MUST play golf at Redstone before Tuesday July 7th. Make your tee time today and WIN a Lifestyle Upgrade

Strangest thing ever turned in to the lost and found

Well this is a mystery. We get all sorts of things turned in to our lost and found but this one takes the cake! Our members are so great about turning things in that they found on the course and we are always finding stuff in the golf carts that have been left behind but this one is the strangest. Does anyone know what it is and the story behind it. Would love to know who it belongs to and what it means or is used for. What are your guesses? My guess is a bird leg of some sort and it’s use….back scratcher????

They Joined

We used to see Wendy Phillips and Jodi Troman a couple times a month but they took advantage of the amazing deal of the $699 Twilight pass and we now happily see them 4-5 times a week. They paid off their pass by usage in the first two weeks. They also have started to participate in Ladies Night and have taken home some prizes to boot.

This week Redstone is the sponsor of Ladies Night. Ladies night we are having a 5:00 shot gun with a fashion show to follow. We have members and staff that are going to walk the catwalk with our new pro shop clothing. It will be a great night!! Call the Pro shop and get yourself registered.

Our Redstone men travelled to Chewelah this past week to have great time golfing with our friends from the south.Thank you Chewelah for hosting us!! Remember they are coming here on June 10th so make sure you call the Pro shop and put yourself on the list to play in our Home and Home night.

Bonnie’s Muffins

Ahhh, look at that! Here’s our Bonnie pulling out her fresh baked cranberry orange muffins, proud as punch with the results. Oh the amazing smell of fresh baked muffins just coming out of the oven. First thing you do is smother it with butter while it’s still hot! Reminds me of home. Bonnie Langman, bakes them fresh every morning and, I can tell you this, they are delightful. She doesn’t just bake muffins. The Redstone crew has baked fresh baked apple strudel, cookies, brownies and lots of other goodies. It’s a great thing to grab with a coffee just before you head out on to the links. The clubhouse is open every morning at 8am for breakfast. We are getting some amazing reviews. They have all the classic’s but if you want to spice it up a little, Bonnie loves the Mexican flare. She does some an amazing Breakfast burrito with chorizo sausage, cheese, salsa, peppers and more! Doesn’t that sound good!?

If you are coming for an early tee time, get them to whip you up a breakfast wrap or a bacon and egger. And for goodness sake don’t forget a fresh baked muffin and coffee. Every weekend we have some amazing specials for breakfast and dinner! And hey, Bonnie would love to hear from you. Have you had one of her fresh baked muffins? Let her know what you think!

Green Grass by Sam

This is Sam Oates, Superintendent of Golf here at Redstone. He started with us in 2009 in an entry level position but soon exceeded our expectations. His background is a Certificate 3 in Turf horticulture and a Diploma in Turf Management from Kurri, Kurri Australia. His previous employer was Cypress Lakes Golf and Country Club, Australia. What I have learned from Sam is turf is not grass it is a complicated natural system that requires fuel (fertilizer) to feed the plant that is supported by micro organisms. Gone are the days of dumping fertilizer and water and watching it grow.

Starting next week every Monday Sam will explain what he is doing on the course. You’ll want to tune in because these tips will help you keep your home lawn beautiful with a few adjustments.



You should have trusted me

Judy Jarrett is the genius behind our restaurants popularity. We are packing them in lately. And for good reason. Judy and her team have created a great menu but those specials are amazing. On Tuesday the special was a pineapple peanut chicken stew. Now I was hesitant to try it. Never been a fan of stew. So I chose a safe meal and had the Monte Christo. One of my all time favorite sandwiches which is rarely on a menu these days. It exceeded my expectations. However, I kept smelling something that really interested me. Sure enough, several of the other patrons had chosen the stew. It didn`t look anything like what I had envisioned. It looked so ymmy and was served on a bed of brown rice. I asked my friend how it tasted. She said it was just delicious and gave me a bite. Well, was I ever sorry I that I hadn`t ordered it. It was a little spicy, a little sweet and just incredibly tasty. I popped my head into the kitchen and gave Judy a big thumbs up and told her I wished I had ordered it. All she said to me was “You should have trusted me“ I certainly won`t make that mistake again. In fact, I liked it so much that I ordered it to go! Took it home and had if for dinner the next night.

Have you been to our Breakfast Brunch? Judy puts out some amazing specials for breakfast on Sundays. From Eggs Benedict to her famous French Toast. We serve breakfast everyday but the weekend breakfast specials are fantastic and at a real reasonable price. Come on down to Redstone this weekend and check it out. And while your there, make sure to say Hi to Judy and let her know “you trust her”!

National Caesar Day at Redstone

It’s National Caesar Day and we’re celebrating at Redstone Resort! I’m not positive about who created them or why,  but I do know it is a very popular
Canadian drink. I couldn’t let the day go by without showing you our Ultimate Redstone Caesar. Doesn’t it look good? I can’t give away all our secrets on how we make it but I can let you know that we use a very special rimmer and of course we have the usual clamato, worcestershire sauce, tabasco and spirits… but we add a little something extra to make it especially good. We create the best skewers ever with pepperoni, gherkin pickles, pickled onions, and pepperoncini’s. It’s almost a meal.

In honor of National Caesar Day we will be running a special on them for this weekend only. Just like MacDonalds they are only here for a limited time so come on down to the Clubhouse and give one a try. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Luckiest Man at Redstone

Matt Wolohan, the luckiest man at Redstone. Matt is a regular prize winner at mens night and tournaments and lived up to his name again last Wednesday winning another draw prize. This was our official starting week for Ladies and Mens night. It is a time for our members and guests to renew their friendships and rivalries. Redstone was the Mens night sponsor with the winners walking away with some great pro shop merchandise to start the year off right!

Thank you to Grace from Unforgettables at 907 Spokane Street in Trail for sponsoring our sunny/snowy/rainy Ladies Night. We had a very hardy group of 31 Ladies who were not scared off by a “little” weather. A reminder to all you ladies who are not members we have an incredible Ladies night special every Tuesday for $35.00 this includes your 9 holes of golf, dinner voucher for up to $12.00 and ladies night games. Dont have anyone to play with? Call the pro shop at 250-362-9141 and we can book you a tee time with a great group of girls!
Next weeks Mens & Ladies Night sponsor is Sysco. Call the Pro Shop to book your tee times!!!

Are you staying in town for the May long weekend? Saturday May 16th we are hosting the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Tournament. This is a two person team scramble format for a great cause. The Jumpstart program is more than just getting kids active. It is about giving financial strapped families the same chance for their kids to participate as their peers. No kid should be left out. Register now and lets raise some money for a great cause. Register on our website or give the pro shop a call.

Mothers Day at Redstone

Carol Haywood is one of our new cooks at Redstone. Look at her busily preparing for the day with a big smile. We have an amazing crew of cooks this year. Have you eaten in our restaurant lately? It’s Fabulous. Just had dinner there last night. I ordered the special which was a penne pasta with salmon. I have never had a piece of salmon that was so moist and absolutely cooked to perfection. Hats off to you, Aryelle !( one of our other new cooks) If they keep this up, I am sure I will be “too tired” to cook every night .
This Friday’s special sounds amazing too. They are doing two different specials. The first one will be Fish & Chips, with homemade fries. My husband ate this last week and just loved it. And the second special is Asian infused Salmon Salad. Doesn’t that sound good? Saturdays special this week will be an 8 oz Strip Loin with baked potato and Caesar salad. The second special will be Chicken Parmesan with Greek Salad. All the daily specials are really reasonably priced too, so excellent food doesn’t have to break the bank .

Are you hungry yet? Well don’t forget about our famous Mothers Day Brunch this Sunday. Adults 19.95, Seniors $15. and children 12 and under $10 It will consist of all your favorites, fresh fruit, yogurt, bacon, sausage, ham, hash browns, scrambled eggs, Eggs Benny, Eggs Florentine and french toast. Great way to treat Mom on her special day. We will have two sittings at 9am & 11am. This brunch books up fast. We’re taking reservations so call the clubhouse at 250-362-9140.

Mothers Day

My mother is no longer with us. She was one of my best friends, teachers, coaches and supporters. As we approach mothers day I can not help but think about her. Days before she passed away we were on the phone talking and she asked if I had bought a lottery ticket. I said no and explained to her that the chances of winning the lottery were 15,753,321 to 1. Without a hesitation she said, “sure, but you never know.” She was an optimist and always poked fun at me about the lottery. Well now I buy a lottery ticket once a week and not because I will ever win but because it is a simple act and well… I suppose I am buying it for her.

Do something for your mom this mothers day. You can even do something like buying a lottery ticket. “You never know”

PS Redstone has a Mothers day Brunch. Call 250 362-9140 for reservations.