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4.4 Stars - Based on 245 User Reviews

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Nice course. If you're a mountain goat,haha, but a beautiful view. And super fun.
Sean Payne Avatar
Sean Payne
Beautiful corse lots of wildlife including this beautiful brown bear who was just chilling minding his own business
devon brazeau Avatar
devon brazeau
I’m so sad to see how badly this course has went down hill. We first golfed this course in 2013 and I was so in awe of the beauty of the course and the pristine condition. We went back in 2015 and it was still very nice but the greens were suffering. We recently went back and I was so excited, boy was I disappointed.. the shape the course was in was heartbreaking. We drove for 10 hours just so I could go back because I LOVE this course and I can honestly say I don’t think we will go back. So sad
Lisa Cochrane Avatar
Lisa Cochrane
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Al Helper Avatar
Al Helper
great course and wonderful clubhouse
max munn Avatar
max munn
The stones are actually red here!
Geovani 213 (Papa georgeo) Avatar
Geovani 213 (Papa georgeo)
Très jolie Golf et randonnées apprécier.
Saadia Hamzaoui Avatar
Saadia Hamzaoui
Nice challenging day at Redstone Golf Course today. Even with choppy punched greens I shot 42, 47 for an 89. Please be bear aware though if you read this post and play this scenic forest course. Super duper slow round so a Sunday marshall would have been welcomed! Customer service pretty good...a 9 out of 10. Scenery a 10. Playability a 9. Would be so nice if they had a real washroom on each of the two nine hole sides and more recycle bins other than just two on entire course ONLY. Carts really need much more TLC and proper clean jobs before heading out. A few things fixed and this is easily a 9 out of 10. I give it a 7.5 overall though and enjoyed my day. Main pic I included...managed to put it on the green over that scary looking water.
Nol Preen Avatar
Nol Preen
Golf Course with driving range and restaurant . Quite nice
Lagita Perry Avatar
Lagita Perry
Beautiful place to play. I need to improve my game before my next trip up here.
Terry Scollard Avatar
Terry Scollard
Naomi Teramoto Avatar
Naomi Teramoto
Great experience. Friendly staff and fun course.
Steven Thorup Avatar
Steven Thorup