Tow Rope Tragedy

So the first time I ever played golf in Rossland was as a young teen spending one of many summers visiting my cousins and hanging out in what eventually became my home for 12 years later in life.
My cousins from Trail brought me up the hill one summer day and golf at Rossland course was in our sights.
They mentioned that there was a par 3 hole with a tow rope that you could load your golf bag on and it would take your clubs up to the green and allow every golfer a leisurely hike up the hill, so not having to lug your bag sounded great.
Playing the 9 holes at the time we eventually got to this par 3 and although I had thought they were having one over on me…lo and behold here was this tow rope. After we hit our balls .. one of my cousins pulled out a length of rope, offered it to me and I tied my bag strap to the rope. My other cousin pushed the start button and away they went.
I had made a good shot which to me seemed like I might have made the green. My cousins had both hit badly so they had to drag their bags up the hill to the green. I enjoyed
an easy walk up the hill while the two of them struggled pitching their way up the hill.
All was fine till I made it to the top and found my dad’s clubs and bag mangled in the tow pulley and a local fellow cursing and scolding me for being a fool as he tried to untangle my mess.
To my cousins I have had many chances to best them since and all in good fun. To Rossland, it’s always on my summer golf tour to get in a round or two. I miss the old tow rope even if I never ever used it in the numerous rounds played since and before the expansion.